R e s u m e

Blogger / Certified Model / Print Model

C r e a t i v e  –  I n t e l l i g e n t  –  K i n d  –  R e s p e c t f u l


❉⊱ Fashion Consultant at *~MODELS “R” US ~*

Blogger for:

❉⊱ Designer Showcase
❉⊱ Avi-Glam
❉⊱ The Grab Event
❉⊱ The SOS Festival
❉⊱ Marquesses
❉⊱ Emerald Couture
❉⊱ Shoe-Addiction

Runway Experience:
♛ Regal Graduation Show- Sep 2014
♛ FMU Graduation Show -June 2014

Print Model Experience:

♛ Print Model for DOPE Magazine 2016
♛ DOPE Magazine Beauty of the Month – Dec ’15

Blogged for:

❉⊱ Kultivate Magazine Spring Fashion Event ’17
❉⊱ L’ExoDe
❉⊱ SOLARIS Style United
❉⊱ MMC Store
❉⊱ DOPE Magazine SPRING & FALL Fashion Week ’15
❉⊱ Oddity 3D Store
❉⊱ APPLY ME! monthly event
❉⊱ SNEAK PEEK bi-monthly event
❉⊱ FASHION LIMITED bi-monthly event

√ FMU (Fashion Modeling University) (certified) -June 2014
√ Regal Academy Graduate (certified) -Sept 2014 -Current

Modelling agency and company affiliations:
√ DOPE Magazine
√ *~MODELS “R” US ~* Model Agency
√ Regal State Academy
√ Model for FMU (Fashion Modeling University)


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