* New Life, New Year! *

How wonderful it is to start a New Year, in a fresh start, living a New Life! Changes can be scary at the beginning, but once you adapt, change sometimes becomes the best decision you could make. Starting a New life for me is to wake up every day, hoping for the best, and giving … Continue reading * New Life, New Year! *


*♦ ~C h r i s t m a s T i m e~ ♦*

Cold or warm weather - snow, rain or sun, wherever you are, it's Christmas Time - a season that brings Joy and happiness to the world. It's a time to enjoy with family, the warm company of your loved ones, sharing wonderful memories that make your hearts happy and peaceful. Second life is not far … Continue reading *♦ ~C h r i s t m a s T i m e~ ♦*

*•~R e g a l E x p e r i e n c e~•*

Do you want to become a model? Would you like to increase your knowledge of the fashion world in a professional and respectful environment, with the best teachers with years of experience in the fashion world of Second Life? I have the perfect school for you. I present to you: Regal Academy. I will first … Continue reading *•~R e g a l E x p e r i e n c e~•*


*~C l a s s y nature inspired~*

My inner style is very classy and colorful. I love to style myself in a very elegant way on every occasion, because this is how my personality is most of the time. I love tropical colors and nature-inspired designs, like very elegant and textured flowers with radiant and beautiful colors. That's my inner style - … Continue reading *~C l a s s y nature inspired~*



Life is the color you see it in, and in my modeling career,  I plan for a wonderful and prosperous future, full of marvelous and breathtaking experiences along the road. Figuratively speaking I'm a blossoming flower ready to show to the world what I am made for and what I can do with what I … Continue reading *~Blossoming~*