~♥~ To l o v e & be l o v e d ~♥~

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I want to talk with you about LOVE. What does love really mean for me? For me love is to give yourself entirely to your loved one and to be happy when that person is happy. It is to enjoy their happiness as your own. This Valentine's Day, I want to share … Continue reading ~♥~ To l o v e & be l o v e d ~♥~


*°~ A Dreaming Girl’s S t o r y ~°*

Once a upon a time in a far, far away land, there was a little girl. She had many dreams, wanted to help many people, she wanted to become a fashion model and feel pretty all the time. She prayed to God for all of this - He is her special adviser - and helper, … Continue reading *°~ A Dreaming Girl’s S t o r y ~°*

*♦ ~C h r i s t m a s T i m e~ ♦*

Cold or warm weather - snow, rain or sun, wherever you are, it's Christmas Time - a season that brings Joy and happiness to the world. It's a time to enjoy with family, the warm company of your loved ones, sharing wonderful memories that make your hearts happy and peaceful. Second life is not far … Continue reading *♦ ~C h r i s t m a s T i m e~ ♦*


*•~R e g a l E x p e r i e n c e~•*

Do you want to become a model? Would you like to increase your knowledge of the fashion world in a professional and respectful environment, with the best teachers with years of experience in the fashion world of Second Life? I have the perfect school for you. I present to you: Regal Academy. I will first … Continue reading *•~R e g a l E x p e r i e n c e~•*



Life is the color you see it in, and in my modeling career,  I plan for a wonderful and prosperous future, full of marvelous and breathtaking experiences along the road. Figuratively speaking I'm a blossoming flower ready to show to the world what I am made for and what I can do with what I … Continue reading *~Blossoming~*