Reflect and meditate about your past. Learn from it and move on.


Life is too short to live afraid! Dare and follow your dreams.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview for life’s coming attractions” (Albert Einstein).

My culture is like a wounded deer that has crawled away into the forest to bleed and die alone. The only thing that can truly help us is genuine love. (Chief Dan George)

Some days I wake up after a strange dream that seems real, but was much too fantastic to be true. Maybe it's some kind of mixture between my memories and other fantastic ideas. I spend the whole day thinking and remembering about it with some kind of nostalgia, and sometimes I can't even remember what... Continue Reading →

How wonderful it is to start a New Year, in a fresh start, living a New Life! Changes can be scary at the beginning, but once you adapt, change sometimes becomes the best decision you could make. Starting a New life for me is to wake up every day, hoping for the best, and giving... Continue Reading →

The Fall  by Marla Wardell The abundant, redundant season. Ushering in the winter, like an appetizer before the big meal. Just a taste of what is to come. Beautiful and temporary. Leaves dying, revealing their true selves. Falling, soft at first, then dry and fragile. Beautiful and temporary. Temperatures falling, days shortening, Sunshine fading, slowly, readying... Continue Reading →

Today I want to share with you about my Native blood. Most people in Venezuela come from multi-ethnic families, and I'm no exception to that rule. My family's ancestors come from a Amer-Indian Tribe called the Arawaks. The Arawaks were the indigenous group most numerous and widespread in the American continent. Most of its population... Continue Reading →

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