How wonderful it is to start a New Year, in a fresh start, living a New Life! Changes can be scary at the beginning, but once you adapt, change sometimes becomes the best decision you could make. Starting a New life for me is to wake up every day, hoping for the best, and giving... Continue Reading →


What I love most about spring is the beautiful spring flowers blossoming with so much radiance, and giving life to all the landscape.

For us, it's been a wonderful journey to be together, and we are praying everyday for our future.

Once a upon a time in a far, far away land, there was a little girl. She had many dreams...

I will first talk about my own experience. Regal has become like a second home for me.

That's my inner style - classy nature inspired with a colorful, glamorous and unique Latin touch.

I'm a blossoming flower ready to show to the world what I am made for and what I can do with what I have learned.

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