=ˆ×ˆ= ~ Like a Comfy Cat ~ =ˆ×ˆ= 

I never considered myself a Cat person until we welcomed a Kitty to our home. We loved him since day one, and now he has become the king of the house. Through the years our house has become a kitten refuge, and every day there is something new to learn from them, like the pleasant … Continue reading =ˆ×ˆ= ~ Like a Comfy Cat ~ =ˆ×ˆ= 



After some time away, I want to share with you what life has become like for me. I'm walking on a new journey, I’ve been seeing new and different landscapes, meeting new friends and family, and meeting my love. An adventure like this can be kinda scary, but it is worth the try. I want … Continue reading Walking