This month has been one of the hardest for me. My loved father almost died from an acute stomach problem. I'm the doctor of the family, and I try to keep calm during the difficult moments we deal with as a family. My dad was already saying goodbye, but God wanted Him here for a... Continue Reading →


All my life, I was thinking that I knew what love was. I've even said to myself that I was "in love" sometimes. I was wrong. Only now, since I met my boyfriend Jacob Claremont, can I say personally that I'm really learning what True Love means. Love is a decision that you make to... Continue Reading →

How wonderful it is to start a New Year, in a fresh start, living a New Life! Changes can be scary at the beginning, but once you adapt, change sometimes becomes the best decision you could make. Starting a New life for me is to wake up every day, hoping for the best, and giving... Continue Reading →

Back to School. It's time to get focused on studies again. Take your books and read them. Prepare for what is coming in the next period. Remember what you learned in the past, and be open to learning new things. I'm happy that God has given me the opportunity to study what i really want... Continue Reading →

Recently, I visited a beautiful paradise in the Venezuelan State called Delta Amacuro. The Delta is the birth of the Orinoco River. It's composed of a fluvial roadway, where many rivers converge and become one. Ajotejana, one of the communities I visited, means "place of many waters" in Warao language. The water is the most... Continue Reading →

What do I love most about spring? Something I love most about spring is the wonderful colors you see around. Together with the beautiful flowers, animals and birds, everyone happily begins to go out to enjoy the warm weather, and nature giving its best fruits. 🙂 I love spring colors. This blouse and shorts set,... Continue Reading →

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