During spring, you can start thinking where to go during summer vacation. We start planning and select which are the best places to spend our vacations. My favorite of course is the beach. The idea of a beautiful Caribbean beach vacation is what inspired me to style this outfit. My beautiful lace top, pink top, sexy floral bikini... Continue Reading →


One of my favorites desserts is ice cream, and spring it the best time to starting having lots of Ice cream. My favorite flavor is CHOCOLATE, but I also enjoy coffee, strawberry and coconut. What is your favorite ice cream? I hope you have already visited Dope Spring Fashion Expo '15 to get all kinds of... Continue Reading →

Another reason people love spring is because the days are warmer and sunnier. It makes everyone go out for walks and enjoy everything there is to see. Even the food tastes better in spring. The sun makes us healthier and happier too. This is why I love Spring. In this post, I’m wearing a white... Continue Reading →

What do I love most about spring? Something I love most about spring is the wonderful colors you see around. Together with the beautiful flowers, animals and birds, everyone happily begins to go out to enjoy the warm weather, and nature giving its best fruits. 🙂 I love spring colors. This blouse and shorts set,... Continue Reading →

What I love most about spring is the beautiful spring flowers blossoming with so much radiance, and giving life to all the landscape.

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