Sea Princess


Once Upon a Time, a Princess was born, in the middle of the Sea, surrounded by beautiful and colorful creatures.


Her childhood was full of sunny and warm mornings, swimming in the shining waves near the shore.


She learned the Mysteries and Rhythm of the Sea, and Loved every Sea Creature that surrounded her, in her Ocean Home.


Her curiosity reached far beyond the Sea, and she always wanted to learn more. What is beyond these expansive shores..?


Her passion moved her to a place where she may not only swim, but walk, and maybe fly away to discoveries of all kinds of creatures around the world.


Nowadays, she tells everyone her stories of her life in the Sea, and how she woke up every morning surrounded by love as the Princess of the Sea.



D R E S S:
Slink Dress – Pink by 1 Hundred –  Exclusive! @ Designer Showcase (5th – 30th August)

L E G G I N G S:
“Mermaid” leggings 03 by alaskametro<3

S H O E S:
Anya *Group Gift* – Join Fee: 0 $L by Mosquito’s Way FREE!

J E W E L R Y:
P i n k  Earrings:
Deco Earring with Hud by ^^Swallow^^

P e a r l  Earrings:
Celia pearl earring by Ohemo

C r o w n:
Tiara (3 Versions) GIFT by ^^Swallow^^ @ MarketplaceDOLLARBIE!

N e c k l a c e:
hollow [collar – silver] – Subscribers gift (History) by cinphul // – FREE!

C O M P A N I O N S:
Merponies – Animated Companiers Gacha Key (6. Amethyst, 8. Aqua, 10. Blossom, 12. Seafom, 14. Midninht) by *HEXtraordinary*GACHA!

M A K E U P:
L i p s:
Nadia Lip Collections Fatpack (Catwa/Omega) by KULA

B l u s h:
“Siren” BLUSH 06 by alaskametro<3

N A I L S:
Influence Nails – Pro Palette (15 colors) by CAZIMI –  Exclusive!@ Designer Showcase (5th – 30th August)

E Y E S:
Luster Eyes – Fatpack 6 colors – Size S by Avi-Glam

S K I N:
Jordin Skin – Tone 10 by Avi-Glam

H A I R:
cornrows hairbase – A black by booN

P O S E:
COSMOPOLITAN GROUP GIFT – 2 – Join Fee: 0 $L by NINA ROSARIO @ Cosmopolitan Events  FREE!

L O C A T I O N:
Pacifique (77, 64, 1) – Moderate

M U S I C:
Over the Rainbow / What a wonderful World


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