By the Sea…


By the Sea, my dreams are free.

By the Sea1

By the Sea, I want to live.

By the Sea3

By the sea, I will relax, reflect, laugh and breathe.

By the Sea4.1By the Sea4.2

By the Sea, like the seagull I will fly away, spread my wings and be free.

By the Sea4


B O D Y . S U I T:
Riley Bodysuit by [WellMade] – Exclusive! @ Designer Showcase (5th – 30th August)

S A N D A L S:
Bayside 2 tan by H e e l s

J E W E L R Y:
E a r r i n g s:
Colored Feather by Bowtique

R i n g:
Boho Tear Ring – Gold by =Zenith=

M A K E U P:
Booty’s Box 5 by *Booty’s Beauty*

N A I L S:
Maui Bento Pointy Nail Set-5 by KULA COSMETICS– Exclusive! @ Designer Showcase (5th – 30th August)

E Y E S:
Summer Eyes  18 colors – Size M byAvi-Glam– Exclusive! @Powder Pack Catwa June 2018

S K I N:
Jordin Skin tone 09 byAvi-Glam Exclusive! @ Powder Pack Catwa December 2017

M o l e s:
Face moles – Niara Skin Catwa by Avada

H A I R:
Bewkie – Multinone 2 by TRUTH

H a i r . b a s e:
Shyana hairbase – 6 colors by Avada

L o c a t i o n:
The Ruins of Deepmarsh, Beck (46, 134, 21) – Moderate

L i s t e n i n g:
Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts


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