≈∗•* Colors of wildlife *•∗≈


Life opens paths, surprising us with its colors that undoubtedly inspire us in the fashion world of Second Life. Today I was inspired by the shocking and even scandalous colors that nature shows us even in the smallest wild creatures. Men often want to capture these beauties behind bars only because of the desire and ambition to contemplate their beauty, but wild animals do not belong in captivity.


They belong to the Wild, which we are only allowed to respect and appreciate from a distance, like a fashion show. Speaking of fashion shows, I want to take the opportunity give thanks for being part of Color Me Virtual (CMV) Runway Show in Second Life, one of the most spectacular and colorful fashion shows that I have attended.

My role on this occasion was to be part of the dance team that opened and closed the shows that took place on October 28th and 29th. I must say that it was a pleasure to enjoy this event with each one of the dancers, as well as with each of the impeccable models that participated, and the excellent organizers, Filipa Thespian and 乙αкs! Again, thank you very much for making me part of this wonderful Fashion Show! ❤

Inspired by the stunning colors of wildlife, I wanted to share with you these designs that will be available soon at a variety of venues. My Dress is called Olive, and is designed by DE.Boutique. My nails are Flair Black Tipped designed by CAZIMI, and Cedella hair by Tameless Hair, all will be available at the Designer Showcase (November round). It will open on November 5th and run through November 30th.

Also, you can find my spectacular Under Shadows designed by ALMA at The Grab Event until November 25th. My breathtaking Avi-Glam Natural Eyes are available at Shiny Shabby (October round), through November 15th. To accentuate my wildlife colors, I added a face Wolfsbane Tattoo designed by Avada. It will be available at TDME, and will open on November 5th and runs through November 30th. To complete my style, I am wearing a Zipper Cocker available at the Fi*Friday (November 2th to 8th), and Evermore lip cream both designed by [KULA].

I invite you to be inspired by the colors of wildlife too, without damaging its nature but by becoming part of it; living, and letting everyone else live a Happy life!


≈∗•* D E T A I L S *•∗≈

D R E S S: DE.Boutique Olive Dress – (HUD include 6 different textures) – Exclusive!! @ Designer Showcase (Event opens on November 5th and runs through November 30th).

S H O E S: .:KC:. – MAIA PUMPS – Slink, Maitreya, Belleza – MEDIUM FEET (With texture HUD) @ Marketplace.

J E W E L R Y:
N e c k l a c e: [KULA] – Zipper Cocker – Gold – Exclusive! @ Fi*Friday. 55 Lindens all week! (Event start on November 2th and runs through November 8th). (Full version will be available at store after this dates). OFFER!

E a r r i n g  Left: [MANDALA]Haramita earring – Gold. E a r r i n g s  Left & Right: [MANDALA] Nyorai Set – Earrings – Gold.

B r a c e l e t: [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Bracelet – Cream gold

M A K E U P:
S h a d o w s & eyeliner Applier: ALMA MakeupUnder – Catwa & Lelutka – 6 shades. Exclusive!! @ The Grab Event. (Event opens on September 28th and runs through November 25th).

L i p s Applier: [KULA] – Evermore lip cream – Omega & Catwa – 6 tones. – NEW!!

T a t t o o Applier: Avada – Wolfsbane Tattoo – Gold – (5 color options) – Catwa, Omega, Lelutka and System tattoo layers. Exclusive!! @ The Darkness Monthly Event. (Event opens on November 5th and runs through November 30th).

N A I L S Applier: CAZIMI – Nails – Flair Black Tipped – Maitreya, Slink, Belleza – (HUD comes in 10 colors) – Exclusive!! @ Designer Showcase (Event opens on November 5th and runs through November 30th).

E Y E S Appliers: Avi-Glam – Natural Eyes – Size M – (Mesh eyes + HUD comes in 6 colors and 3 sizes). Exclusive!! @ Shiny Shabby (Event opens on September 20th and runs through November 15th).

H A I R: Tameless Hair – Cedella – Fantasy – (With Hair-base Omega HUD) – Exclusive @ Designer Showcase (Event opens on November 5th and runs through November 30th).

≈∗• * •∗≈

P O S E S:
H e a d  Shot: The Secret Pose Shhhhhh pose.
F u l l  body: BAXEMISS USA A9B.

L o c a t i o n: TURQUAZ RUINS, Gigli Salvation (117, 5, 22) – Moderate

M u s i c: Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf 



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