=ˆ×ˆ= ~ Like a Comfy Cat ~ =ˆ×ˆ= 


I never considered myself a Cat person until we welcomed a Kitty to our home. We loved him since day one, and now he has become the king of the house.

Through the years our house has become a kitten refuge, and every day there is something new to learn from them, like the pleasant time of relaxation they can have almost anywhere.

Also, their wild side sometimes can be scary and protective; the way they look at you sometimes seems like they really are communicating that they really don’t care what you think. Finally their love — it doesn’t happen every day, but there is a surprising period of time when they really need your attention, and it doesn’t matter what you are doing.


I have never considered myself a lover of cats, but I have to admit I really like them, and when they are not around I really miss them.

Kitty Style_002

Inspired by them, I wanted to show my Kitty Style with this sweater named Swag Maine  by [RnR], and you can find it at The Grab Event from the 28th of September through the 24th of October 2017. My boots are named Nita Black by Lindy and you can find them at the Designer Showcase in October, around the time of the 5th through the 30th of the month.

Resembling their eyes, I’m wearing stunning ALMA eyes called Dragon Eyes available at The Darkness Monthly Event from the 5th to the 31st October (the eyes applier comes in 6 shades together with a Scales Face Tattoo that comes in 6 colours. It is available for female and male Catwa, Lelutka and Genesis Lab heads). Altogether with the stylish Eyeliner called Mayback Liner by [KULA].


At the end of your day, take some time to look at some kittens, and learn to rest and relax Like a Comfy Cat! ~ =ˆ×ˆ=

=ˆ×ˆ= ~  D E T A I L S  ~ =ˆ×ˆ=

S W E A T E R: [RnR] – Swag Maine Sweater – (Full Outfit comes with Shoes and Socks for Lara, Venus, Freya, Hourglass, Isis & Physique) – Exclusive! @ The Grab Event (Sept. 29th to Oct. 25th).

S H O E S: LindyNita Black – Exclusive! @ Designer Showcase (Oct 5th to Oct. 30th).

E Y E S: ALMA MakeupDragon Eyes – Catwa – Exclusive! @ The Darkness Monthly Event (available from 5th to 31st October)

M A K E U P:
E y e l i n e r  Applier: [KULA]  Mayback Liner (With Catwa & Omega Appliers) (Available in 4 colors) – NEW!!

L i p s  Applier: [Pink Fuel] – Shimmer Pinks – Exclusive! @ Powder Pack CATWA August Edition.

B l u s h Applier: ZibskaMila Blush (Catwa & Omega) Exclusive! @ Powder Pack CATWA August Edition.

H A I R: /Wasabi Pills/ – Celine Mesh Hair – Basics

S K I N  Applier: Avi-Glam – Emily Skin – 09 – (include 7 skin tones)

P O S E S: an lar [poses]The Ginger Series – Two @ Marketplace FREE!! 

=ˆ×ˆ= ~

L O C A T I O N: Green story. You have to relax here. You have to think here. You Banks here Another memory.

~ =ˆ×ˆ=


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