‹♦› Luxurious Beauty ‹♦›

Luxurious Beauty_004

Sometimes the eyes can be mesmerized by stunning creations of jewelry, but the real truth is that all Luxurious Beauty comes from the least expected places and circumstances.

Luxurious Beauty_007

As many of us know, diamonds are formed when carbon is exposed to high temperature and pressure for many years.

Luxurious Beauty_014

As result, a beautiful creation is made. Sometimes the materials surrounding it can change their aspect and color, making every single stone unique in their own way.

Luxurious Beauty_008

Life for you can be like that even when you under high pressure and exposed to the most difficult circumstances. God can make diamonds out of dust.

Luxurious Beauty_016
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We are all Luxurious Beauties not because we are expensive, but because over the years a unique, beautiful and desirable jewel has been made under extreme circumstances.

Luxurious Beauty_022

Don’t be afraid to be a Unique and Luxurious Beauty and you will shine like a Diamond wherever you go!

Luxurious Beauty_018
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‹♦› D E T A  I L S ‹♦›

GOWN: :: Purple Moon :: – Bouquet Gown – Violet- 5 different colors @Designer Showcase August ’17!

EARRINGS: :: TIFFANY DESIGNS :: – Starlight Jewelry Set – Earrings @Marketplace –  FREE GIFT!

Shadows Applier: #adored – headstrong shadows – teenage dirtbag @Powder Pack for CATWA August  Edition!

Lipstick Applier: [Pink Fuel] – Shimmer Pinks @Powder Pack for CATWA August  Edition!

EYES Applier: A R T E – Lips & Eyes [Catwa] @Powder Pack for CATWA August  Edition!

SKIN Applier: amara beauty – Lilian skin – @Powder Pack for CATWA August  Edition!

HAIR: TRUTH  – Elie – VIP GIFT AUGUST! (Group cost to join 350 L$)- GIFT!

Hairbase Applier: Avada~ Kinzie Hairbase

POSE: *PosESioN* – Modern Default Set – Default 1 Mirror

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MUSIC: Diamonds (Hawk Nelson)



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