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«α•* Geek Style *•ω»

geek-style1Two of my favorite places to visit are libraries and bookstores. I love the smell of these places, and the expectation that comes with starting a new book. The adventures, fantasies, dreams, and ideas put together in every book is very exciting for me.

geek-style2I may seem a little geeky, but I don’t mind. The important thing is to be who you are and do what you enjoy! Be yourself all the time. Enjoy your hobbies and what you love the most. Don’t be a copycat.

geek-style3Be glad and thankful for what, and who you are, and for what you have, and for the people close to you. You are unique! There is only one version of you in this world, so enjoy your life, and be happy!!


«α•* C R E D I T S *•ω»

S W E A T E R: #bubbles Mustache Sweater – November Group Gift – by candi1223 – FREE!

J E A N S: #bubbles Skinny Jeans – Dark Blue by candi1223 – NEW!

S H O E S: {BLB} Blac Label BoutiqueVicious Heel – Riverside/Grey by Blac Quartz @ Designer Showcase (Nov Round) – EXCLUSIVE!

A C C E S S O R I E S:
G l a s s e s: ::C’est la vie !:: – Heart Glasses – Subscribe Gift by Larcoco Mathy – FREE!

B a g: Ruca Tease” POW” HANDBAG (+Mid Slink Sandals) by Roscko Cobalt – 1L$ GIFT!

H A I R: *Dura-Girl* – 64 by chiaki Xue – NEW!

M A K E U P: L i p s: amara beautyGabriela lipstick – fire by Shantia Soulstar

S K I N: amara beautyGabriela – Amber by Shantia Soulstar

B O D Y: Maitreya  – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle

P O S E S: ALIUDRunway 2 Set @ Designer Showcase (Nov ’16 Round) by Leah McCullough

Location: The Readers Nook Library/Cafe, Triangulum – Nestled in the sky on a small platform this is a space to gather in a cozy setting inside a small cottage library and cafe. Quiet reading, writing, curling up by the fire in contemplation or conversation with friends awaits. Garden too!




I'm a Venezuelan girl who loves Styling, Modeling and Exploring in the Virtual World of Second Life and making new friends around the world.

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