*≈ Autumn colors ≈*

ac1Every day you wake up and see the beautiful colors of autumn, and you give thanks to God. There are many who would love to see what you can see.

ac2Autumn is a bit of a cold and nostalgic season, but to me it’s the most memorable of them all. The smell of rain, the cloudy days, and the beautiful colors of the trees all give something to be grateful for.

ac3Keep yourself warm and cozy in autumn, enjoy the fresh air and its beautiful color. Be ready with hopes for a bright future, because Christmas is just around the corner.

ac4Autumn colors make me smile, and even if I’m far away from them, those colors rise up in my imagination and make me feel warm inside. Have a Happy Fall everyone, and enjoy the Autumn colors!


*≈ D E T A I L S ≈*

S W E A T E R: [Loovus] by Vikeejeah Xevion – Lasaitu Sweater – Potter’s Clay @ Designers Showcase (5th – 31st October)

P A N T S: [Loovus] by Vikeejeah Xevion – Lasaitu Pants – Warm Taupe @ Designers Showcase (5th – 31st October)

N A I L S: Entice by enticestore – Fallin’ Nails -(Maitreya /Slink /Omega/Belleza HUD) – @ Designer Showcase – October Group GIFT! – FREE!

G L A S S E S: Pure Poison by Pety Galaxy – Catsa Sunglasses – with HUD

H A I R: +elua+ by Miu Edman – Mao Hair – Red

P O S E S: BAXE by armonia.baxton – SHOES FEMALE – RUNWAY SET @ Designers Showcase

*≈ • ≈*


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