C l a s s y Lady

Classy Lady1

To describe a Classy Lady,
I want to share with you this lovely Poem
titled Last Of The Classy Ladies by Edwin Robinette.
Classy Lady2

She had an air about her
Bold and proper she was
Flawless in her fashion
Or anything she does

Classy Lady3

This high heeled, dark eyed beauty
Not one hair out of place
A sexy smile, a wanton style
Yet, full of charm and grace

Classy Lady4

Her walk can be disarming
Deceiving is her way
Her nylon legs stir much ado
She knows, but will not say

Classy Lady6
A figure men would lust for
Proud breasts so soft and full
She is last of the classy ladies
But, she is no one’s fool

Classy Lady7

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Classy Lady5


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