*~° Creative °~*


Today I got a Floral inspiration from Lazuri.
They have a lovely store at Sweethearts Ballroom Boutiques.

Creative1The proper way by which to visit Sweethearts,
is wearing a gown or a suit. Once you are there,
you can find a variety of stores around the sim.
The Sweethearts Boutiques carry all kind of gowns,
jewelry and formal wear that will definitely wake up your creativity.


When I entered the Lazuri store at Sweethearts,
I fell in love with the Cocoa Island set!
Today I’m wearing the beautiful floral hat from this set.
It comes with many colors, gems, flowers and stones,
that you can mix and match using your Creativity.



Creativity is a way of life and living.
When you work with Style and Fashion,
everything around can give you inspiration.


Even if you are walking around in a Ballroom like sweethearts,
Even if you are dancing and enjoying the music,
Even if you are just shopping around…
Everything around you can bring the light to your Creative Self!



You have to pay attention to the details
and observe the beauty inside all things,
and surprisingly, one day it will become a habit
and will give you a lot of satisfaction.


I’m happy to find inspiration with everything around me
like an artist finding creativity everywhere.
If you open your eyes and heart and see the beauty around you,
the world will become a more colorful and happier place.


Have a very nice day and a happy and creative life!

*~° D E T A I L S °~*

R O M P E R: #bubbles by candi1223 – Mandi Green Romper [For Slink Hourglass] – NEW!

S H O E S: Lindy by Delinda Abbot – BaileeS Tan (SLink & Maitreya High) – Exclusive! @ Designer Showcase [August Round]

A C C  E S S O R I E S: H a t: Lazuri by Zuri Lyric – Cocoa Island Hat (with color & resize control) @ Sweethearts Boutiques

M A K E U P: L i p s: [Bewps] by Elle Saenz – Lip Gloss – Nude @ Marketplace – (1L$) – GIFT!

N a i l s: TASHI by Shinya Tandino – Tropical Summer – Exclusive! @ST TROPEZ MARKET

H A I R: Moon. by Silent Acoustic – Tied to Me – Greyscales

L a s h e s: FATE by Damien Fate – FATElashes v2.0

M E S H   B O D Y: Slink by Siddean Munro – Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.5.1

S K I N: Elysium by Aleida Rhode – Chanel II skin (with appliers) – mocha

Location: Daddy’s Girl Oasis


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