« F r e e d o m »

Lately I have been thinking about so many things that are happening around the world, even in my country, and sometimes it is just overwhelming, so for this blog post, I took a trip to a beautiful garden sim called Midnight Love, for rest, relaxation, and reflection.  One of the important ideas I’ve been thinking about is Freedom.


Only when you are in a world where your basic rights are compromised
will you understand the true value of Freedom.


When you are under personal arrest, and your mind becomes your enemy,
you will understand the value of Freedom.
When you can’t be at peace with yourself and others for any reason, the thing you desire is Freedom.
When your life revolves around your own fears, your sins, and bad habits,
you need Freedom from them.


Only God gives you true Freedom and true Peace in all aspects of your life.
When you believe in Jesus, even if you are in a country without basic rights,
He will give you Peace and Freedom.

Kara Outfit by ZANZE @ Designer Showcase

For me, Freedom is something hard to get, but not impossible to find.
Many people take it for granted until they don’t have it anymore.


Freedom for me is to breathe freely, wake up with hopes, and be able to do what you love and have decided to do.
Freedom is to have the right to speak freely, to have health, education, and to pursue whatever you decide to do.
Freedom is to enjoy your life without harming others, and sharing with others the gifts you have.


If you need Freedom, seek it. Maybe one day, if you have not yet found it, you will find the True Freedom.

Have a nice day, and a life full of Joy, Peace & Freedom.

« D E T A I L S »

T O P: ZANZE by zzoiezee – Kara Open Tank {SPRING} @ Designer Showcase – July Round (Since July 5th – 31st) – Exclusive!

J E A N S: ZANZE by zzoiezee – Kara Skinny Jeans {BLUES} @ Designer Showcase – July Round (Since July 5th – 31st) – Exclusive!

S A N D A L S: LEGENDAIRE by Kim L. Legendaire – JOSS FLATS (With Texture HUD)

J E W E L R Y:
N e c k l a c e # 1: RealEvil by crashnoww – LUX Celeste Necklace @ Marketplace – FREE!

N e c k l ac e # 2: Astralia by astralia – Sweet Bee Necklace @ KUSTOM9 (available until July 10th) – SLB13 GIFT!

Ring: =Zenith= by miffyhoi.rosca Boho Ring (Flower) – Golden @ Collabor88 June Round – SLB13 GIFT!

A C C E S S O R I E S:

C o r o l l a: =Zenith= by miffyhoi.rosca – Tulips bloom Corolla

H A I R: *Dura* by chiaki Xue – 63 – Black

H a i r b a s e: AnalogDog – hair base 1 – Black

Lashes: FATE by damien.fate – FATElashes v2.0

M E S H  B O D Y: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

F E E T: Slink by Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe V1.2

S K I N: Elysium by Aleida Rhode – Chanel II skin ( with appliers) – mocha

L o c a t i o n: Midnight Love – Heavensent Weddings, Club & Mall.

M u s i c: Freedom by Akon

« E V E N T S »

July 5th -31st 2016

I’m Official Blogger for this Event

Designer Showcase is a venue which provides a truly special glimpse of the creativity of Second Life’s fashion designers while providing a beautiful atmosphere to showcase their creative fashion. Designers are asked to showcase their best designs and make them available once a month for the exceptional value.

Designer Showcase Location: Here



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