♦ C o l o r f u l ♦


In Summer, all days are Colorful.
You can go out to the beach
and enjoy the beautiful colors all around.


Enjoy the Sea Breeze and breathe fresh air.
Be content with the present, enjoy the moment and be happy.
This is why I love to explore many Sims in Second Life,
and this one is one of my favorites, called Black Basalt Beach.


It has plenty of lovely places
where you can share precious moments with your loved one.
I really enjoy exploring this beautiful Sim.


Today I’m wearing a colorful dress from French Vintage Couture.
It is still available in the Summer Time Fair until July 3rd.
I hope you can stop by and enjoy the wonderful creations there.


I hope you can enjoy this Summer, and the Colorful World around you.
God made all these colors to make us happy, to inspire us,
and sometimes to surprise us.

Have a Happy Summer Everyone!!

D e t a i l s ♦

D R E S S: French Vintage Couture by Comete Clar – Lena Dress – Pastel – @Summer Time Fair (until July 3rd) – Exclusive!!

P U M P S: Garbaggio by Ashleey Andrew – Daydream Pumps II – Fantasy – @[Collabor88] – SL13 Gift!!

A C C E S S O R I E S:
B a n g l e s: Ghee by Warm Clarity and Bea Serendipity – Chunky Bangles – June ’16 VIP Gift!!
E a r r i n g s: Ghee – Chunky Earrings – June ’16 VIP Gift!!

H A I R: [bade] by Melvin Bade – Kevin – FATPACK – @Hairology (10th – 30th each month) – SLB13 Gift!!

H a i r b a s e : [monso] by Morphine Janick – My Hair – Hairbase – Black 1

M A K E U P:
L i p s: R.icielli by Vliet Ricielli – Lipsticks NEON // 02 – PROMOTION – 5L$!

M E S H  B O D Y: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle – Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

L a n d s c a p e: Black Basalt Beach

M u s i c: Colorful – Mili – Original artist H△G

L y r i c s: Original by H△G

What seems to be endless 
Pointless colourless 
It’s a mess, you know 
This hopeless life of mine 
No friends to be with 
I’m really so jealous of all the beautiful colours of yours 

Heavy shadows, scary nightfall erase all the lines I’ve got 
I want to scream but can’t open my mouth 
A broken piece of chalk is enough to connect the dots 
Because I’m still alive 
There must be a meaning, right? 

People in this world are colourful 
The ugly and the beautiful 
Make up colours in this world 
Just pick up your pencil crayons 
And be colourful 
I’m sure this world is wonderful 

Showered in happiness 
My blossoming friendship 
It’s a bless, I know 
Your kindness led my way 
‘Cause of my wariness 
I was so blinded from all the unusual colours of mine 

To think that I was so scared over nothing at all 
I guess I was too young to know myself 
In the future even if my lines are all tangled up 
I’ll still be alive 
And that’s what matters, right? 

People in this world are incredible 
So strong and so admirable 
Each one is a miracle 
Just pick up your pencil crayons 
And stay colourful 
You see? This world is wonderful 

Even though I may not be able to erase all my mistakes 
I can paint on another page 
Because everyone around you have always lived that way 
There’s so much to your life 
Everything will be alright 

People in this world are colourful 
The ugly and the beautiful 
Make up colours in this world 
Just pick up your pencil crayons 
And be colourful 
Because this world is wonderful

Thank you for reading!! Enjoy life Be Happy! 


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