*~Summer D a t e~*


During the summertime, dates are more colorful!

You can go on a picnic, camping, and even go to the beach with your love.

Razmataz female pose @Summer Time Fair

Today my boyfriend and I visited a lovely sim called Rohanda, full of flowers and animals, and it is a very relaxing place. We walked around and shared a few very precious moments together.

SD4We are planning new things for the future,
and with God’s help, all our plans will succeed!

SD5Summer is a time to share, and
spend quality time with the ones you love.

SD6In a world that is changing every day,
the best use you can make of your time is when you share it with others…
especially loved-ones.

ShuShu boots @ Summer Time Fair

I really enjoyed my Summer Date today,
and still want to do lots of more things!!
What would you like to do this summer?


*~D E T A I L S~*

Negly’s Style:

B l o u s e:
**LUAS** @Marketplace by AinaraLuas – Hippy Days Blouse – Pink

J e a n s:
.:MMC:. by edilsonfrohlich – Chloe Pants – Jeans – With Layers for Classic & HUD for Mesh Avatars

B o o t s:
ShuShu @SUMMER TIME FAIR by analee.balut – MEIR boots gacha – 22 peace – Exclusive from June 16th – July 3rd!

P o s e: Razmataz @SUMMER TIME FAIR by Melonie Romano – Summertime Poses set1 – #3 – Exclusive from June 16th – July 3rd!!

H a i r: TRUTH HAIR @Marketplace by Truth Hawks – Kera – Gacha Hair – [Black & Whites]

E y e l i n e r: Arte @Marketplace by Miriam Lemondrop – Hummingbird – 8 Colours – Fuchsia

L i p s: aLapiTa @Marketplace by pitasariamanda – Natural Lip Tint Pack Versión 1.0 – Natural Pink – 10L$!

L a s h e s: FATE @Marketplace by damien.fate – FATElashes Versión 2.0

*~ • ~*

Jacob’s Style:

O u t f i t: ADRIATIC line @Marketplace by Ellan Verne – Mesh Mens Outfit – HUD Controlled! (sunglasses, Sneakers, Mens Dual Layer Shirt)

P a n t s: .:MMC:. by edilsonfrohlich – Derick Pants – With Layers for Classic & HUD for Mesh Avatars

B e a r d: -NIVARO- @Cosmopolitan by ReishiProphet – Beards – No.1 “WILD” – Tintable – Light Brown – COSMO GIFT – FREE!

P o s e: *PosESion* by Dahriel – pose packs for male – SL F&O GIFT!

*~ • ~*

SUMMER TIME FAIR – Start from June 16th to July 3rd!!

I’m official Blogger for this Event

Summer is coming fast.

This is the word that sums up this event!

This event is from June 16th to July 3rd.

Landmark: Here

The new fashion complex “L’ExoDe” opens its doors in a few days …
You will find regularly events, fairs, and especially new releases.


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