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All my life, I was thinking that I knew what love was. I’ve even said to myself that I was “in love” sometimes. I was wrong. Only now, since I met my boyfriend Jacob Claremont, can I say personally that I’m really learning what True Love means.

True Love_005

Love is a decision that you make to keep knowing, to keep caring, to keep learning and to keep looking for and encouraging the good within another person who may be very different from you. It is starting over again, it is to forgive and forget. It is leaving in the past what belongs to the past, and living a new adventure every day.

True Love_004

To love and to be loved is the most wonderful experience I could imagine, it lifts your spirit up everyday, because you know you can trust and rest your heart in a safe place, because your heart belongs to him and his heart belongs to you.

True Love_010

It’s giving without expecting anything in change, but having faith in positive change, It’s overcoming all kinds of challenges with joy and hope. Love is not being afraid to be yourself, it becomes about someone who knows you very well and loves you with all his heart just the way you are, yet just as you have faith in positive change for him, he also has faith in positive change for you.

True Love_008

Love is a subject of study for me, a rising career, an almost extinct profession, it is like a company that is meant to help you and others grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and more.

True Love_013

God is love and we are meant to love as God loved us. Our greatest example of True Love is Jesus, and He taught us that His Love Never Fails. He gave everything, even His own life for us just to see us happy and free. What else can we ask? We just need to learn to love as Jesus loves us.

True Love_018

Sometimes when the day is gray and the stress of life comes close to you… get closer to those you love, hug them, love them, and give thanks to God for having someone at your side that cares for you and is there no matter what.

True Love_023
Jacob & Negly

Love never fails.

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