«~ • N a t i v e b l o o d • ~»

Native Blood1

Today I want to share with you about my Native blood.
Most people in Venezuela come from multi-ethnic families, and I’m no exception to that rule. My family’s ancestors come from a Amer-Indian Tribe called the Arawaks.

Native Blood2

The Arawaks were the indigenous group most numerous and widespread in the American continent. Most of its population was located in the Amazon region, where they entered the Venezuelan territory following the course of the great rivers of the South.

Native Blood5

My grandfather from my mother’s side was the son of a indigenous princess who came from this tribe, specifically the tribes living in the Apure state in the south of my country.

Native Blood4

I also have Native ancestors from my father’s side. My great grandmother came from a tribe related to the Arawaks, called the Caquetíos.

Native Blood3

The Caquetíos were tall and beautiful in appearance. They lived in large villages, in houses built on pillars, and exchanged salt with members of other tribes. The Caquetío People were characterized as peaceful, hardworking and industrious. Their agricultural work was outstanding.

Native Blood6

Even if these tribes no longer exist as they once did, their Native characteristics still flow in my blood, and I’m glad to show the world a little bit about who they were, and how they lived.

Native Blood7

I’m happy to have Native blood, and to remember everyday, from where my ancestors come, and to think of how noble, strong, and wise they were…

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