~ S e r e n i t y ~


Recently, I visited a beautiful paradise in the Venezuelan State called Delta Amacuro.
The Delta is the birth of the Orinoco River.
It’s composed of a fluvial roadway, where many rivers converge and become one.
Ajotejana, one of the communities I visited, means “place of many waters” in Warao language.
The water is the most important element of vitality in this beautiful place.


The Delta is a place inhabited by the Waraos population, a noble and serene indigenous people.
They live in houses called “palafitos”, made in and standing above the water.
The Warao survive on what nature provides for them.
Even if the conditions in which they live seem impossible, they don’t complain.

Serenity3Their calm spirit allow them to enjoy what they have.
They are grateful to God for what the River brings every day, including us.


I’m amazed to see how serene the Warao people are.
Their faces show in a single look – clarity, calmness, quietness, stillness and peace,
like the serenity of the air or sky.
They welcome you and accept you for who you are and not for how you look.
They don’t judge you by what you do or what you have or don’t have.
They really appreciate you as a person,
for your character, your personality, your friendship and your love.


In this beautiful paradise, I could really learn what serenity means.
Serenity is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
It doesn’t depend on what conditions you live in or what you have or don’t have.
It’s part of your temperament to become one with the nature and one with those around you.


Serene, as the Warao people are, is what I want to be.
From now on, I have a lot to learn from them…

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