[*~ N e g l y p e r s o c o m ~*]

Negly persocom1

Sometimes it’s not easy to live a virtual life.
Sometimes it takes some time, as the real one does,
but I want to make my mark in this world
Just as I will make it in real life too…

Negly persocom2

Negly is a Persocom.
A Persocom is a name given to humanoid robots that help real life people.
This name comes from my favorite anime, called Chobits. Chii is the main character.
Chii is a super cute, adorable Persocom who falls in love with Hideki, a human.

Negly persocom3

She is a technologically advanced Persocom called a Chobit.
Simply speaking, this means she has the special ability to have emotions,
and also has the power to change others’ Persocoms to start feeling emotions too.
Emotions make Chobits totally different from normal Persocoms
because their added design complexities help them to have feelings and care for others,
just as humans do…

Negly persocom5

I don’t consider myself an inhuman virtual person in Second life.
I’m full of emotions that help me light the world around me, because after all,
Love is what can change the world to a better place, and God is Love.

Negly persocom6

It doesn’t matter wherever your spend your time,
in Second Life, Real Life or wherever you are —
Love brings meaning and purpose to your path.
Negly persocom4Let’s live our lives with LOVE,
ready to share with others
and to help them with everything we can
to mark a difference in the world,
because a simple act of caring CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

Negly persocom7

[*~ D E T A I L S ~*]

D R E S S: [TWS] The Whoreshop! – Niam Dress [Rose]

S H O E S: [hh] Hilly Haalan Fashions – Solita Heels – HUD Driven

H A I R: !Oleander at Hairfair 2015  – Larkin. Dipped Tones – [Hairfair 2015 gift] – FREE!

A C C E S S O R I E S:

E a r s: *FM* Ferocious ☆ Muffin – Persocom Ears Gift – FREE!

M A K E U P:

E y e s H i g h l i g h t: *TSM*- The Sugar Machine – Opening Gift – Eye Highlight – FREE!

B l u s h: *TSM* – The Sugar Machine – Opening Gift – Candy Blush Gift – FREE!

L i p s: alaskametro<3 – “Liquid Shine” lipgloss – “Orchid”- appliers for Slink, Omega, TMP, LM – FREE!

L a s h e s: (Chemistry) – Long eyelashes -FREE!

E Y E S: IKON – Hope Eyes – Coffee

N A I L S: O4S – October’s 4seasons – Slink Neutral Finger Nail – Glitter Nail – Omega, Slink, Maitreya

*Chobits* OPENING:


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