«*~ B e a u t i f u l N a t u r e ~*

Beautiful nature1

As I’m writing this post it’s my Rez Day, which means it’s my Birthday in Second life!! It’s been two years full of wonderful adventures in this amazing virtual world where I have laughed, sung, cried, found joy and even fallen in love.

Beautiful nature2

First of all, I want to thank God for every part of this life-changing time in SL, and for His help to have so much success in here. I also want to thank the wonderful Christian family I have met in here — all my brothers and sisters in faith, God bless you all! Keep up the good work in sharing God’s love to the world!

Beautiful nature3

I want to give thanks to God for all my friends, and all the people who I have met in my life from all over the world. Surely, all of you have helped me in many ways and have made my Second Life experience memorable and very enjoyable. I’m very grateful to have you all.

Beautiful nature4

I love nature… all the beautiful colors and textures of flowers make my heart very happy. The trees and the fresh air, the sea and all the landscape give a peace that simply can’t be described! It must be experienced! The animals of the world and their colors, and creative forms and their wild instincts all make you respect those who live in the middle of the wilderness. They enjoy it and with an outstanding respect for it, and a reverence for its Creator as they watch their families grow from generation to generation.

Beautiful nature6

I want to share with you today my passion for the beauty of nature and its preservation. We, as thinking human beings, with our superior minds and cultures, have to understand how Nature it’s necessary for our children, so we can leave them a better world to live in. Please don’t live like there is no tomorrow. The earth needs our care, and not our praise. It needs our consideration in taking care of it.

Beautiful nature8

Flowers, plants, trees, insects… every single one has an amazing role that you can’t ever imagine. God made everything perfect. Let’s not destroy what he has made with such wonderful and creative colors, because you never know when you are going to demand its fruits and goodness for your life.

Beautiful nature5

With these things said, I want to share with you a passion for eco-minded strategies to take care our planet. Even one single action of care … teaching your children about how to take care the planet can make the difference, for a better future.

Beautiful nature7.1

Let’s take care ourselves, our families, our future families, and our planet, because we only have one earth to live in, all together to enjoy its riches.
God bless you all! Have a wonderful day, and a happy life!!

«*~ D E T A I L S ~*»

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