* ϟ Love D A N C E ϟ


Another of the things I love to do in Real Life and Second Life is dance!!


I enjoy dancing in Real Life with my local church’s dance team using different instruments as the tambourine and the Gymnastic Ribbon, Praising the Lord with all my strength!!

Love DANCE3One of the main reasons I kept coming to Second Life in my early days was because I loved to dance, I loved the movements, and feelings I had while I was dancing. I think it’s exciting!

Love DANCE4I used to coordinate every dance animation with the rhythm of the music, and used to spend hours in ballrooms and romantic places to practice my dance technique and meet many people.

Love DANCE6Today I dance with the It Girlz and Fellaz Dance Troupe, which has been nominated for “Best Dance Troupe” for 2 years consecutive, and they give many amazing presentations during the year. It Girlz and Fellaz is a wonderful team of people, who enjoy dancing and are devoted to giving their audience the best entertainment and an unforgettable time in every show. I love my dance team, for me we are the best!!

Love DANCE5Also I love to dance with my boyfriend in-world. I enjoy every move I share with him when we dance. We have time to chat and relax together! I love him very much and dancing is one of our break times from a busy and stressful day, to live our romantic and happy little moment side by side.

Love DANCE7God created us to move, and He made all things perfectly, so let’s start moving! Dancing makes people healthier and happier too, 🙂 because our bodies produce endorphines when we move enough, and that makes us happier. So my dear friends, I recommend you enjoy life, be happy, breathe and DANCE!!

* ϟ D E T A I L S ϟ *

D R E S S: [VM] VERO MODERO for Fashion Limited – Music Dress EXCLUSIVE!!

S H O E S: {{BSD Design studio}} for Fashion Limited – STRONG FAITH – Slink -blue – EXCLUSIVE!!

J E W E L E R Y: CHOP ZUEY – Candy Kisses – Earrings & Necklace

H A I R: TRUTH HAIR – Demi – Black&Whites06 – 50L OFFER!

H a i r b a s e: Analog Dog Hair – hair bases 1 – darker roots – Black

M A K E U P: E y e S h a d o w: ::SlackGirl:: for Fashion Limited – LimitedJ Eyeshadow Pack – EXCLUSIVE!!

L a s h e s: (Chemistry) – Long eyelashes – FREE!

L i p s: Elysium – Chanel lips – pink

L i p G l o s s: alaskametro<3 – “LiquidShine” lipgloss – Orchid – (with appliers for TMP, Slink Omega and more) – FREE!

N A I L P O L I S H: -{ZOZ}- at Cosmopolitan Sale Room – Summer Echo Glitter Polish (slink) Polish Hud: Applying 4

E Y E S: IKON  – Sovereign Eyes – Evening

P O S E S:

D a n c e A n i m a t i o n: Glamour Animations – 1_Club_dance_02_GA – SLF&O Gift – FREE!

M o d e l P o s e: BehaviorBody – 18-BeBo – Squint

F U R N I T U R E:

D i s c o B a l l & E q a l i z e r:  TreiZe for Fashion Limited – Disco Ball set – (with poses) – EXCLUSIVE!!

The New FASHION LIMITED store is powered by Elyna Carver. 25 Exclusives items at half price from different designers. Event will run from 05th to 30th of every month.



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