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≈ ♥♪ Love m u s i c ♥♪ ≈

Love Music1

What a pleasure I feel, every time I sing! It makes me feel free, like I can fly just expressing myself with singing.

Love Music2

I love music because it lets me express myself in a way that everyone can understand, and it doesn’t matter the language, because everyone understand the sound of music.

Love Music3

Music can touch hearts and bring memories to people, it can make them feel happy or nostalgic, and enjoy the moment at the same time.

Love Music4

What a pleasure it is to be a musician. It doesn’t matter what genre or style you like, music can make you happier and healthier just by listening, playing an instrument or singing a song.

Love Music5

Music is a gift from God with a language of its own. Enjoy your days. Make them bright with your favorite music style. Have a nice day and enjoy Music!!

Love Music6

≈ ♥♪ D E T A I L S ♥♪ ≈

O U T F I T: LeYna for Fashion Limited June Event – Music outfit – EXCLUSIVE!!

S H O E S: Lindy for Fashion Limited June Event – Lana Black – EXCLUSITVE!!

J E W E L E R Y: CHOP ZUEY – Clouds of Athena Set


H a i r b a s e: Vanity Hair – Bases V2.1 – Browns

M A K E U P: E y e S h a d o w: ::SlackGirl:: for Fashion Limited June Event – Eyeshadow Pack (Include 8 colors // Lelutka, TMP & more appliers) – EXCLUSIVE!!

E y e l i n e r: #adored – vampy liner

L a s h e s: (Chemistry) – Long eyelashes – FREE!

L i p s: Elysium – Chanel lips – terracotta

P a r t e d L i p s: – DAMNED –  Parted Lips

E Y E S: IKON – Sovereign Eyes – Evening – NEW!

M U S I C  E Q U I P: G u i t a r / M i c r o p h o n e: TreiZe for Fashion Limited June Event – Sing alone – Microphone – Electric Guitar (with poses) – EXCLUSIVE!!

A m p l i f i c a t o r: Cyberculpts – guitar amp – Mesa Boogie – FREE!

The New FASHION LIMITED store is powered by Elyna Carver. 25 Exclusives items at half price from different designers. Event will run from 05th to 30th of every month. fashionad2



I'm a Venezuelan girl who loves Styling, Modeling and Exploring in the Virtual World of Second Life and making new friends around the world.

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