●«{ H O P E in darkness }»●

Hope in Darkness2

Hope, what does it mean?
People lose hopes all the time…Every circumstance that impacts our lives in a negative way can make us feel hopelessness.

Hope in Darkness3

Hope is the expectation that something good is coming, but, how do you hope for something good when all you see is darkness around you?

Hope in Darkness12

In middle of the shadows and sad times is when we have to keep having hopes. When you are happy, you hope for the best because everything is bright and fresh, but when things around you are sad, dark and in shadow, hope is that light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope in Darkness8

Hope is that little line of light that makes us keep going, no matter how bad are the circumstances.

Hope in Darkness11

My hope is in God. He is my refuge in times of despair, and even if I’m in the middle of the shadow of death. I can look to Him without fear, and life comes back to my heart, body and soul.

Hope in Darkness5

My advice for you is to never lose hope. There is always a light at the end of every circumstance — it doesn’t matter how dark the days are.

Hope in Darkness6Hope in Darkness7

In all times, Jesus can keep your spirit bright with His faith, His HOPE and His LOVE.

Hope in Darkness1

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4 thoughts on “●«{ H O P E in darkness }»●

  1. Your words are true and your light shines steadily for all of us who know you that we may add strength to our hope and be reminded well that hope is the beginning of faith. With faith in Christ all things are possible. Thank you Negly, Macar00n

    Liked by 1 person

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