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¤~ W a r m & s u n n y days ~¤

Warm & sunny days

Another reason people love spring is because the days are warmer and sunnier. It makes everyone go out for walks and enjoy everything there is to see. Even the food tastes better in spring. The sun makes us healthier and happier too. This is why I love Spring.

Warm & sunny days1

In this post, I’m wearing a white knitted top designed by P R O J E C T 9 1, a piccara skirt with black strips at the sides and a white front, and gorgeous shoes in black, designed by VG. Also, I’m using stunning poses from Vestige, Dangerous (male set) and Beautiful & Twisted (female set). All these items are available in the DOPE Spring Fashion Expo 2015. Please come by and enjoy the beautiful and exclusive clothing, and more. Happy Spring for everyone!

Warm & sunny days2

¤~ S T Y L E   D E T A I L S ~¤

T O P:   P R O J E C T 9 1  at DSFW ’15 Fashion Expo ~ Knit Top – White (available in 10 colors) – EXCLUSIVE!

S K I R T: – piccara – at DSFW ’15 Fashion Expo ~ Michelle Skirt – White (available in 4 colors) – EXCLUSIVE!

S H O E S: VG at DSFW ’15 Fashion Expo ~ MANHATTAN – BLACK (available in 3 colors) – EXCLUSIVE!

J E W E L E R Y: Zuri Jewelry ~ Chamille Bracers Black Pearl – White – WOMENstuff Hunt – GIFT!

A C C E S O R I E S:

G l a s s e s: B&W ~ Divina Sunglasses – Woman – GIFT!

B a g: MoiMoi ~ Elegant Bag – Black

M A K E U P:

E y e l i n e r: [La Baguette] ~ eye liner black and black – Tintable – GIFT!

L i p s: Elysium – Chanel lips – diva red

E y e l a s h e s: *Mon Cherry* ~ “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper

M o l e s: [Lady Fakessi] ~ Face Moles – Beauty Marks 001 – GIFT!

H A I R: *Dura* ~ Christmas Group gift 2014 (G. fees Free!) – Black – Still available! – FREE!

N A I L  P O L I S H: -{ZOZ}- ~ Natural French Polish – Slink Hud – Red color

E Y E S: IKON – Hope Eyes – Denim

P O S E S: Vestige at DSFW ’15 Fashion Expo ~ Dangerous and Beautiful & Twisted Sets (available in 4 sets for females & 2 sets for males) – EXCLUSIVE!




I'm a Venezuelan girl who loves Styling, Modeling and Exploring in the Virtual World of Second Life and making new friends around the world.

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