*~ Spring C O L O R S ~*

Spring colors -DSFW1

What do I love most about spring? Something I love most about spring is the wonderful colors you see around. Together with the beautiful flowers, animals and birds, everyone happily begins to go out to enjoy the warm weather, and nature giving its best fruits. 🙂 I love spring colors. This blouse and shorts set, Spring Stunna Fit (Green Shorts/Peacock Crossback) is inspired by the peacock, designed by ::GLO::, displaying some of spring’s joyful colors. Together with an outstanding green, highlighted in the Ava’s Leaf Set Gold by RJB, this ensemble completes a lovely and elegant spring palette.

These vendors also have many beautiful items available for you to enjoy it in the DOPE Spring Fashion Week (DSFW), from March 15th through March 21st. 🙂 Come by and enjoy the gorgeous designs, with the best of Spring Fashion 2015 in Second life 🙂

*~ D E T A I L S ~*

T O P / S H O R T: ::GLO:: at DSFW ’15 Fashion Expo ~ Spring Stunna Fit (Green Shorts/Peacock Crossback) – EXCLUSIVE!

S H O E S: SHEY SHOES ~ Catalina Stilettos (with 35 colors HUD)

J E W E L E R Y: RJB at DSFW ’15 Fashion Expo ~ Ava’s Leaf Set Gold – EXCLUSIVE!

M A K E U P:

E y e l i n e r: [La Baguette] ~ eye liner black and black – Tintable – 10L!

L i p s: Elysium ~ Chanel lips ~ terracotta (mocha)

E y e s h a d o w: [XCW] ~ Green – SPRING GIFT 2015!

E y e l a s h e s: Mon Cherry ~ “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper

M o l e s: [Lady Fakessi] ~ Face Moles – Beauty Marks 001 – GIFT!

H A I R: Dura Hair ~ 61 – Black color – with hair base – NEW!

E Y E S: IKON ~ Sovereign Eyes – Field color – GROUP GIFT!


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