*•~R e g a l E x p e r i e n c e~•*

Do you want to become a model? Would you like to increase your knowledge of the fashion world in a professional and respectful environment, with the best teachers with years of experience in the fashion world of Second Life? I have the perfect school for you. I present to you: Regal Academy.

I will first talk about my own experience. Regal has become like a second home for me. Regal’s State Sim is very beautiful. The CEO and teachers are very kind and pleasant and they really want to give the best experience to their students. You can walk around the sim and visit many boutiques offering stunning jewelry, clothes, accessories, makeup and more.

The Regal Patrol group has a open modeling and photography contests every month with great prizes to give you an even more wonderful experience. After you finish the basic course of Regal, and pass the Final exam, you will have a graduation show full of exciting experiences, gifts and a wonderful audience.

If you want to know more about Regal Academy and Regal’s Patrol group, just IM me in world and I will be very happy to give you more information. We will give you the tools you need to improve yourself in the Fashion World.

              *~•D E T A I L S•~*

J u m p s u i t:
PREY ~ Navy Harem Jumpsuit M

S h o e s:
Bens Boutique ~ Sandy High Heel (navy-silver)

J e w e l r y:
Necklace: Pure Poison ~ Leah Necklace – Silver
Bracelet: Lazuri ~ Classic Pearls Bracelet
Ring: Lazuri ~ Classic Pearls Ring
Earrings: Lazuri ~ Classic Pearls Stud Earring
Piercing: JCNY ~ Hyper-Gems, SARYH,  Diamond Nose Piercing

H a i r:
“loQ Hair” ~ BerryJuice – Black(LeftSide)

M a k e u p:
Eyeshadows: C&C ~ Make up – Eyeshadows – BLACK
Lips: Elysium ~ Chanel (cleav.) – mocha

E y e s:
IKON ~ Hope Eyes – Denim (M)


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